The basics:

  • I’m married to a wonderful guy that I met online. He moved 4000 miles and left Canada to be with me. He used to live in the UK, and worked at a company called One Sure Insurance LTD. He was one of their motor trade sales advisers, selling motor traders policies (more info here: https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trader-insurance). He now works in Canada as an insurance sales agent – so feel free to contact me if you need any kind of Home/Car insurance and I’m sure he will help you out 🙂
  • We have a ferret named Skittles. Skittles died at the beginning of the summer of ‘05
  • We have an adorable little sable ferret named Pickle. Eddiebought her for me as an anniversary gift in aug. ‘05
  • 3 tattoos and a couple of piercings
  • almost militantly childfree
  • pagan

If you want more quick info, check out the 100 things page.

I was born February 12, 1977, after 24 hours of labor, in Providence, Rhode Island. My birth certificate at the time stated my name was Crystal Anne Stoddard, which was so much better than what it almost was, Amy Lynn. I’ve lived in this tiny state for all of my life, with the exception of 3 months that I worked on a cruise ship. I’ve moved around the state; from Riverside to Warwick, Wickford to Providence, and now to Pawtucket.

I don’t really remember my biological father. I have very faint memories of him, and I’ve got pictures of him, but other than that, there’s nothing but a fog over the part of my brain that holds those memories. When I was 6, my mother married the man I’ve always considered to be my father. Of course, following what seems to be the trend with marriages these days, they split up about 7 years later. My father kept the house, and my mother, sister, and I moved in with one of her friends and her two daughters. Our household consisted of 6 girls, 4 cats, a hamster, and a German Shepard named Mia who didn’t understand English (no, seriously, she was trained in german and didn’t understand English). PMS times were hell. After a year we moved out into our own place, losing most of the pets in the process.

School was easy for me. I usually made honor roll, and was in whatever honor societies were available to me in whatever grade I was in. Most of my homework was done on the busride to school or homeroom on the morning it was due. I got straight A’s in an honors level chemistry class even though I’d lost my book on the 2nd day of school. My circle of friends consisted of whatever people weren’t part of the in-crowd and were usually the ones that got detention for smoking in the lavs and locker rooms.

Throughout school I was always interested in art, and was upset that in order for me to take high school art classes, I’d have to give up taking college-prep courses, like math and foreign languages. I continued to work on my own artwork; however, toting around a sketchpad at all times. People would come up to me in classes and ask to look at my sketches. Someday I’ll find them and scan them all, but that would require that I search for my older books, but there’s a bunch of ones from 1999 or so in the galleries. Since 1999 though, I’ve retired my pads and pencils in favor of the computer, and using software like Adobe Photoshop and Poser, I’ve come up with my own style of digital artwork, which can frequently be spotted in postings to Renderosity, an art community. I was once voted “Quietest Student” in Mrs. Massa’s 7th grade English class.

When I graduated highschool, I went to URI, where in the great tradition of all freshman, I gained 15lbs and got loaded at frat parties, failing out after only one semester. I returned home, working part-time odd jobs before I got a job on a cruise ship. I lasted about 3 months or so before they fired me because I wouldn’t put my hands in the toilets. That was in ‘96. I’ve attempted to go back and finish school , but I can’t seem to stay out of computer labs long enough to finish a semester.

Since then I’ve done everything from being the Easter Bunny at a local mall, cashier at a convenience store, pizza chef, adult entertainer and tech support geek. The longest that I’ve held a job was for just over 3 years, at a very large national bank. I spent three years there before they “terminated our employee/employer relationship” (they actually said this!) for breaking the privacy policy by posting stories of customer idiocy on my page, although I rarely used customer the names and never used the bank name. For some time, I worked in the repairs department of a lighter company, dealing with people who thought they could clean the burners of their lighters with an industrial air compressor and that $100 is a reasonable price for something they use once a week while golfing; after nearly a year of being very, very miserable there, I quit via email and never went back. It was one of the greatest days of my life, I think. Currently I’m unemployed, but I’ll sell you a sockmonkey if you’d like.

I’m a total geek. I’ve had my own computer since 1995, and if I combined the amount of time all the different ones I’ve had have been online, it would most likely outnumber the amount of time it’s been offline. In 1996 my best friend Andrea introduced me to muds, and so sealed my fate as an internetaddict. I’ve mudded on and off since then, running and programming my own for most of that time. At some point after I started mudding, I started learning HTML, getting a quick lesson from my boyfriend and then learning everything I could on my own. In 1999 I got my first webcam and added it to my homepage, which eventually evolved into what you’re reading now.